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From the desk of:

Simon Forsyth (ADI)



Dear Friend,

WHAT you've probably been told is true - the Part 3 exam has a very low success rate.

As a fully qualified ADI myself, I have discussed this issue with various people in the ADI training industry. And you know what answer I get back time after time? It's this:

"Unsuccessful candidates don't really understand HOW the Part 3 works and don't understand EXACTLY what the examiner is looking for them to do."

I have seen many good PDI's fail their Part 3 - not because they were poor driving instructors - but because they failed to implement the strategies and methods that the examiner was assesing them for.  You have less than an hour to impress the examiner - if you don't know what he specifically WANTS to see you doing - you are most likely going to fail!

So, what DOES the examiner want to see? How does he want you to 'teach' him, and what SHOULDN'T you do? It can all seem very vague and unclear to some candidates. And THIS is the problem facing PDI's going into their Part 3. They have the knowledge to teach people how to drive. They have practised all the Pre-set tests with their trainer over and over - but their trainer ISN'T a DSA examiner, no matter how good or experienced they are!

What If YOU Could Get Inside The Mind Of A DSA Examiner And Discover EXACTLY What You Need to Do In Order To Pass?!

Wouldn't it be great if you could find out EXACTLY what the successful candidates did in order to pass? What methods they used, what strategies they employed and what mistakes they AVOIDED? Even better, how much would YOUR chances of passing INCREASE if you could actually get into the mind of a DSA examiner and find out how precisely these things and much more?

Well, now you can! Introducing "Part 3 Secrets Revealed!"


Discover How Successful Candidates Passed Their Part 3 - And How You Can Too!

I spent a whole day interviewing a Senior DSA examiner with over 20 years experience of examining PDI's. I filmed him and asked him every question I could think of that would help PDI's understand exactly how to approach the Part 3 Exam and what they needed to do in order to pass. And I didn't let him get away with any 'vague' answers either! I pressed him, badgered him and got him to spill his guts on EVERYTHING a candidate needed to do in order to pass their Part 3.

I then created the Part 3 Secrets Revealed package which comprises:

  • TWO DVD's films of Solid Gold information, tips, advice and SUCCESSFUL strategies that can help you PASS your Part 3 exam.

  • An audio CD recording of the whole interview. Listen to it in your car, or anywhere you want so you can quickly and easily learn and remember the information.

  • A full,  30 page transcript of the interview, PLUS added tips, strategies and advice.

The TWO dvds are jam packed to bursting point with 'Must Know' information. If you are taking your Part 3 exam then the information you'll learn from these dvds is priceless! You'll learn exactly HOW to pass your Part 3 from the best source possible - a DSA examiner!

For The First Time, An Actual DSA Examiner
"Spills The Beans" About The Part 3!

Here're just some of the powerful strategies, killer tips and 'MUST KNOW' information you'll discover:

  • How to know if your getting a high standard of training for your Part 3, or if you are being taken for a ride.

  • A major mistake candidates make, even BEFORE they start their instruction. Many training establishments actually teach PDI's to do this!

  • A simple way to plan your Briefing - examiners LOVE this!

  • The KEY components of your Briefing for Phase 1 - cover these and the examiner will be smiling.

  • An easy way to get your 'pupil' involved in the 'lesson'. Do this and your marks will shoot up.

  • The one thing you should NEVER do when using the Question & Answer technique.

  • How to instantly know when your Briefing is getting too long. Watch for this and then ACT!

  • Briefings: How to pass your Part 3 WITHOUT even using one!

  • A crafty 'trick' examiners employ when they are moving off. Make sure you spot this one - a lot of candidates don't!

  • Two common 'faults' an examiner makes when moving off downhill and why PDI's fail to solve this correctly.

  • The most common error PDI's make in their Phase 1. You simply MUST avoid this!

  • An all too common error candidates make when teaching 'Moving Off & Stopping'. This one is easy to avoid - IF you know what it is!

  • The 3 MAJOR reasons PDI's fail their Phase 1. Find out what they are so YOU are not one of them.

  • A common PDI training error regarding the use of mirrors - is YOUR trainer teaching you this incorrectly? Some training establishments ARE, and their PDI's are suffering. Make sure you're NOT one of them!

  • How to avoid Over Instruction on Phase 1 - YES, it DOES happen!

  • A favourite 'fault' examiners make when approaching junctions - it may NOT be what you think!

  • Observations at junctions: Must the pupil look right first? It's not as straightforward as you may think. Find out if you're teaching this correctly.

  • Emergency Stop: What you must LISTEN for the examiner saying during the Briefing. Careful - it's very subtle! Miss it, and he'll mark you down.

  • Emergency Stop: Will you 'teach' the examiner to put their clutch down AFTER they brake? Why this MAY be the WRONG thing to do!

  • Pedestrian Crossings: A common Phase 1 aspect that many PDI's fail to discuss. Make sure you're not one of them.

  • Pedestrian Crossings: A common Phase 1 & 2 error PDI's make when their 'pupil' is approaching them. Avoid this at all costs if you want to pass!

  • Pedestrian Crossings: The two faults an examiner will be almost certain to make every time he approaches one - until YOU correct him

  • Question & Answer technique: How to avoid too much use of it - and what you MUST do when you are using it. Many PDI's get this TOTALLY wrong!

  • How praising your 'pupil' can actually LOSE you marks.

  • How to decide whether or not to pull your 'pupil' over to the side of the road to discuss a fault - and when you SHOULDN'T.

  • Fault Identification, Fault Analysis & Remedial Action: A lot of PDI's are BELOW the required standard in TWO of these! Find out which ones they are - and more importantly - HOW to find out if your trainer is teaching you these correctly.

  • What EXACTLY the examiner is looking for on Phase 2.

  • The 3 KEY reasons PDI's FAIL the Phase 2.

  • The most common Question & Answer faults PDI's make on Phase 2, and HOW to avoid making them.

  • A common fault PDI's make when using the dual controls - how to easily correct this problem so you don't do it on your Part 3.

  • Which TWO Pre Set Tests cause PDI's the most difficulties - and how you can avoid them.

The question is...

How Much Can YOU Benefit From Learning The Powerful Information And Successful Strategies In "Part 3 Secrets Revealed"?

Think about it. You have struggled long and hard to pass the Part 1 and Part 2.

Now the only thing between you and your dream of becoming a fully qualified driving instructor is the Part 3.

You owe it to yourself and all the hard work you've put in to approach this exam so as to give yourself the very best chance possible of passing it.

Let a DSA Examiner Guide YOU To Part 3 Success!

"Part 3 Secrets Revealed!" will help you do just that! Let a DSA examiner guide you through all the pitfalls and 'Don't Do's' of the Part 3 and reveal exactly what you SHOULD be doing and HOW to do it.

Watch and listen as he discloses the fatal mistakes, errors and blunders unsuccessful candidates make. Armed with this priceless information you can make sure that you won't be making them! How much will this knowledge increase your chances of success?

Minute by minute you'll learn one successful strategy after another as the Examiner divulges exactly what SUCCESSFUL candidates do in order to pass. You'll be literally handed a blueprint for your Part 3 Success!

Every killer tip and strategy is discussed in FULL detail. Don't forget to have a pen and paper to hand when you watch as there is just too much information to remember in one sitting!

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These CDs have been produced to professional audio recording standards and contain full Briefings for every Pre Set Test! Plus, they also contain additional instructor tips and advice for giving the very best briefing for your Part 3! 

You must absolutely know these Briefing tips now - before it's too late!

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To Your Part 3 Success!




PS. Remember, you need all the help you can get to pass the Part 3 exam. If you are serious about qualifying as an ADI then don't leave anything to chance. Let a DSA examiner with over 20 years experience teach YOU the RIGHT way to pass your Part 3. For the same cost as a night out at your local restaurant you will discover the priceless information needed for success.


PPS. Don't be like the majority of PDI's who fail their Part 3 exam through lack of preparation and knowledge. Give yourself the very best chance of passing. The "Part 3 Secrets Revealed!" package will arm you with all the knowledge and information you need to pass the Part 3!



 Simon Forsyth 2011. All Rights Reserved